Member Content

Use these links for most day-to-day routines and responsibilities.

Boat Check Out/In
Use the notebook in the boathouse to log your departure and return, along with any maintenance items.
[Link to app]

You cannot row unless you have met all Club requirements of skill level, safety briefing, procedure and responsibilities.
[Link to download page including summary of responsibilities, handbook and Bylaws]

A listing of the training/coaching programs, what they cover and who to talk to, to get into one.
[Link to Programs section]

Online interactive message boards where any club member can connect with other members or coordinators to help improve the processes and find others with whom to row.
[Link to forum portal] 

The most comprehensive source of scheduled Club items relating to training, events, safety briefings, work parties and competition.
[Link to universal calendar with restricted password only access]

Weather Conditions
These sites provide the same weather condition reports aviation professionals use. As a rule of thumb, winds above (18 mph) are considered excessive for safe handling and navigation, and water temperatures below 55º F require boats of at least four oars at all times.
[Links to local NOAA weather stations, Cherry Creek Reservoir conditions page]

Check here for information on equipment maintenance or boats committed to regatta and temporarily out of use.
[Link to bulletin board]

Alerts and Reminders
Special alerts to temporary conditions on the water such as prescheduled events or hazards to navigation.
[Link to bulletin board]

Members are expected to conform to all deadlines of registration, renewal, waiver submission, space rental payment, etc.
[Link to Highlighted calendar]

Details pertaining to financial operations.
[Link to boilerplate documents including financial statements and annual report]

Meeting Minutes
Records of each public board meeting.
[Link to Minutes archives]

Club Handbook
The largest single source of information, requirements and responsibilities relating to boathouse, trailer, launch and equipment use.
[Link to download page]

Member Directory
Use of the list for commercial purposes is forbidden.
[Link to single document]

Find and upload photos and videos here.
[Link to Youtube directory, photo archive server]

Drop Box
Download or upload documents of all kinds relevant to the Club here.
[Link to FTP or Drop Box]

Services, For Sale, Lost and Found, In Search Of. No commercial items or solicitations, please.
[Link to monitored classifieds bulletin board]

Bulletin Board
Notices of all kinds. Must be removed in a timely manner.
[Link to bulletin board]

Suggestions for How To Improve the Club and its services and equipment.
[Link to email generator to designated board member recipient ]

Ask A Cave Man
Advice on the more subtle complexities of coexisting with other rowers of common or divergent gender, and the fallout of such.
[Link to Blog]

Newsletter Archives
Previous issues of Club News
[Link to archives]

The current slate of Club leadership, along with contact information.
[Link to single document]

A Directory and Signup page for coxswains.
[Link to page]

Additional Links

How-to page (video) on where to find and how to use the boathouse tablet and RMRC mobile reservation app

Programs page