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Use these links for most day-to-day routines and responsibilities.

Boat Reservation
The only way to guarantee access for you and your crew to a specific club boat at a given time is to reserve it in advance. Use this link or download the RMRC Reservation App for your smart phone. Reservations are limited to two alternating days a week. Fifteen minutes after a no-show, the next interested party on site is entitled to use it.
Download Reservation App

Boat Check Out/In
Use the tablet in the boathouse to log your departure and return, along with any maintenance items.
Download App

The most comprehensive source of scheduled Club items relating to training, events, safety briefings, work parties and competition.
Calendar (restricted password only)

Online interactive message boards where any club member can connect with other members or coordinators to help improve the processes and find others with whom to row.

Weather Conditions
These sites provide the same weather condition reports aviation professionals use. As a rule of thumb, winds above (18 mph) are considered excessive for safe handling and navigation, and water temperatures below 55º F require boats of at least four oars at all times.
NOAA Weather Stations, Cherry Creek Reservoir Conditions

Check here for information on equipment maintenance or boats committed to regatta and temporarily out of use.
Bulletin Board

Special temporary conditions on the water such as prescheduled events or hazards to navigation.
Bulletin Board

Members are expected to conform to all deadlines of registration, renewal, waiver submission, space rental payment, etc.
Highlighted Calendar

Details pertaining to financial operations.
Financial Statements & Annual Report

You cannot row unless you have met all Club requirements of skill level, safety briefing, procedure and responsibilities.
Summary of Responsibilities, Handbook, & Bylaws

Meeting Minutes
Records of each public board meeting
Minutes Archive

Club Handbook
The largest single source of information, requirements and responsibilities relating to boathouse, trailer, launch and equipment use.
Download Club Handbook

Member Directory
Use of the list for commercial purposes is forbidden.
Member Directory

Find and upload photos and videos here.
Youtube Directory
Photo Archive

Drop Box
Download or upload documents of all kinds relevant to the Club here.

Services, For Sale, Lost and Found, In Search Of. No commercial items or solicitations, please.
Classifieds Bulletin Board

Bulletin Board
Notices of all kinds.
Bulletin Board

Suggestions for How To Improve the Club and its services and equipment.
Email Us

Ask A Cave Man
Advice on the more subtle complexities of coexisting with other rowers of common or divergent gender, and the fallout of such.

Newsletter Archives
Previous issues of Club News

The current slate of Club leadership, along with contact information.
Officers Document

A Directory and Signup page for coxswains.

Additional Links
Boathouse Tablet Instructions & Where to Find It
RMRC Mobile Reservation App