Membership to the RMRC is open to the public on an annual fee basis. Paid members receive the combination to the boathouse lock in March each year, but new members can enroll any time during the year. While membership is open to all interested applicants, there is an approval process in place to confirm your experience level and ensure safety. To avoid confusion and because the refund process is a confusing one, you must contact the Membership Coordinator before we accept your registration fee.

All equipment…

is available to each qualified rower at his or her convenience while water and weather cooperate. Qualification means proving your capability with boat handling in and out of the boathouse, and demonstrating the skills to keep a boat safe on the water.


Before you can row, you must be a paid member in good standing, with signed waivers of liability both to the Club and USRowing. You must pass instruction or demonstrate proficiency in:

  • Negotiating a competitive rowing shell in and out of the boathouse on dry land
  • Understanding the parts of a shell and their adjustment and maintenance
  • Handling a boat safely on the water, with respect to both stability and navigation

In addition, to become a certified bow, you must demonstrate the ability to:

  • Supervise the activity in a multiple seat shell
  • Understand and demonstrate traffic patterns and marginal weather conditions
  • Understand all commands for boat handling and rowing technique

Learning To Row…

If you’ve never rowed before, we offer instruction for learning enough of the basics that you can enroll in Novice classes. Learn To Row instruction is given three weekends a year, and is currently available on a waiting list basis by clicking on this link.


As a paid member, you are entitled to the supervised or certified use of any appropriate boat in the club inventory.


You must be a paid RMRC member to enroll in any of our coached programs: Novice, Intermediate, and Advanced/Competitive. Additional fees apply to coaching. Never-ever rowers must first enroll in a Learn To Row session. Find out how by sending an email.


In return for access to programs and equipment, all members are expected to volunteer at least 00 hours a year in any of a number of services to the club. (Maintenance, coaching, mentoring, social, gear are just a few.)

Membership fees are as follows:
Individual: $360
Family: $485
Each Additional Child in Family: $10
College Student: $135
Competing: $10
Supporting: $30
Fall (Late Season, Starting _____: $185

Programs fees for the summer season are as follows:
Novice: $170 (Twice weekly, for beginners who have completed a Learn To Row program within the last 2 years)
Intermediate: $170 (Twice weekly, for those comfortable with basic rowing skills)
Single Scull Novice: $40 (Twice monthly, for newcomers to the 1x)
Single Scull Intermediate: $40 (Twice monthly, for increasing somewhat experienced 1x rowers comfortable on open water)
Single Scull Advanced: $40 (Twice monthly, for single scullers looking to improve skills, comfort and speed)

Making a Donation…

RMRC is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization registered with the Colorado Secretary Of State. As such, we accept contributions that are tax deductible.